What does KOL mean? How does KOL marketing work?

KOL is considered to be a relatively new marketing tool that utilizes the advantages of social media in terms of reach and impact, KOL’s fans are very sticky and agree with them in every aspect of their values. kol是什么Therefore, KOL’s recommendation has a halo, and fans will really read it seriously.

How to find KOL?

There is a difference between a KOL and what is commonly known as a Netflix. To put it simply, KOL is an account that has appeal,SEO公司的作用是什么 influence, and credibility in its field of study. This type of account can be a real third-dimensional celebrity, or through a second-dimensional cultural image, or even a learning interest, a personal hobby. There are three criteria: professional theoretical knowledge of the circle, stable development and insightful content, and interest or talent.

How to become a KOL?

1. Be different

A well-done KOL with a distinct personality has a clear image of the operator, and their storytelling style or writing tone has a very unique aspect. Once personalization is formed, communication occurs, which returns to the nature of social media, and KOLs and readers have an identity.

2. Love is the starting point

Why most of the brand accounts are not written, or can not become a KOL, because the operator is not really love, just work. Turn your business into a hobby and you’ll have a chance to become a KOL like a craftsman.

3. Find your talent

Most people spend half their lives “searching for themselves”, but maybe they are just looking for their talents. Amplify what you are good at and discard what you are not good at. This is the easiest way to determine your talents. Don’t go against the grain of what you set out to do, and don’t try to be all things to all people, because you’ll only be all things to all people.

Most people, perhaps a lifetime of hard to find their own talent, and found that they do not have the talent of the people, may not be born at the right time, may be wantonly squandered, in short, make good use of talent, and need to be equipped with the time, place, people, and society to learn in order to continue to China’s success.

4. Learn to leverage your strengths

The key is to have a voice, not the same as chasing a hot spot. If you want to speak for a circle of people, you must represent the interests of the majority, not self-interest.

How to do KOL marketing?

1. Establish marketing objectives and evaluation criteria.

Identify the purpose of your marketing program and how you will measure its success. Some impactful marketing programs have very precise revenue-related metrics. For example, the number of products sold, the number of people who sign up for mobile apps, and the number of times certain messages are retweeted. In addition, brands may need to measure marketing reach and audience attitudes towards marketing messages.

2. KOL targeting and fan targeting.

KOL’s network is critical to the development of a fan economy, and brands need to analyze the structure of their fans to make specific judgments. If there is not a character who is not accustomed to introduce the enterprise’s products to the fans, in the context of payment, suddenly promote the goods, this action may make him be questioned, the influence of the decline, therefore, only the synergies can be achieved marketing management effect.

3. Work with brand ambassadors to develop a marketing plan.

Instead of replicating an established marketing plan to different influencers, develop a creative marketing plan with each partner. If the marketing plan looks more credible and genuine, it will spread better on social networks.

4. Comply with the rules.

Kol’s marketing in different countries may require compliance with regulations.

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