Massage is not only to relax the body, there are these six unexpected benefits

Long-term body massage has many benefits, it can not only relax the tense body and promote blood circulation throughout the body, but also especially for the weak patients,hong kong escorts it helps to improve the quality of the body and enhance the ability to fight diseases. Let’s take a look at what are the benefits of Chinese massage.

1. Massage can enhance the body’s resistance. Massage can promote blood circulation and lymphatic circulation in the body, thus increasing the body’s resistance and immunity.nuru massage During the process of massage, blood vessels will dilate and vascular permeability will increase, while the resistance of blood flow will decrease, which helps to improve blood circulation. In addition, massage can also improve the flow of lymphatic fluid, effectively relieving the body’s pain, strengthening the body, and helping to quickly restore health.

2. Massage can improve muscle elasticity. During massage, muscle fibers are stimulated to promote contraction and stretching movements, thus improving the flow and circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids. This allows the muscles throughout the body to receive adequate nutrition, ultimately increasing the elasticity and endurance of muscle tissue. At the same time, massage can also promote the recovery of atrophied muscles, eliminate muscle fatigue, and help to relax the muscles of the whole body.

3. Massage can eliminate the body’s tiredness. With the accelerated pace of life, our work and life pressure is also increasing, easy to tension and fatigue state. Through the body acupuncture points meridians massage stimulation, can effectively live through the meridians, relieve the body of tension and fatigue. In addition, massage also helps to regulate the nervous system, inhibit the excitatory effect of the nervous system, restore normal physiological function.

4. Massage can promote the recovery of chronic diseases. Through massage health care, it can activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, improve the body’s gastrointestinal function, improve the sense of appetite and promote the smooth flow of meridians. At the same time, massage can also enhance the toughness and elasticity of bones, joints and muscles, thus effectively strengthening the body and bones and treating chronic diseases.

5. Massage is conducive to women’s beauty. Through the health care massage of the skin, it can improve the speed of blood circulation of the skin, so that the skin gets full nutrition. Long-term adherence to massage can make the skin become smoother and more elastic. In addition, massage can also accelerate the decomposition of melanin, so that the skin becomes more whitening.

6. Massage can shape the body. Long-term massage can maintain the body shape of women. If the daily life of less exercise and can not control the diet of people easily lead to fat accumulation and obesity. Through the method of massage, you can speed up the body’s metabolism, quickly decompose excess body fat, so as to effectively lose weight and shape the body.

To summarize, Chinese massage has many benefits. It can enhance the body’s resistance and immunity, improve muscle elasticity, eliminate body fatigue, promote the recovery of chronic diseases, facilitate women’s beauty and skin care, and also shape the body. Therefore, we might as well try more body massage in our daily life to enjoy the physical and mental health brought by these benefits.

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