Things to note when taking outdoor wedding photos

Compared with indoor wedding photography, outdoor photography is more personal and closer to nature. So it is more popular among young people. So what should you pay attention to when taking outdoor wedding photos?

Precautions for wedding photos on location

1. Shooting light

Taking outdoor wedding photos mainly uses natural light. For photographers, this requires flexible use of light to create different scene styles, rather than being limited to a certain kind of light. 戶外證婚場地In this way, you can take more high-quality outdoor wedding photos.

2. Shooting location

The choice of location for shooting is more important. In addition to natural scenery, you can also choose bourgeois-style alleys, sacred churches, or youthful campuses, etc. Couples choose a suitable location based on their wedding photo style before taking the photo.

3. Preparation before shooting

Before shooting the location, the couple should prepare the shooting items, such as invisible underwear, groom’s shirt, shoes and socks, etc. If the couple is short-sighted, they can choose to wear contact lenses and try not to wear glasses when taking photos, otherwise they will look dull in the photos.

4. Choose a wedding dress

After confirming the location, the newlyweds first choose their dresses in the photo studio. The dress is not chosen randomly, it needs to be chosen according to the shooting style and scene location.

Situations not suitable for filming on location

1. Newcomers get motion sickness

When taking outdoor wedding photos, you must take a car to the shooting location. If the newlyweds have a history of motion sickness, they will be less energetic and the results of the photos taken will not be good.

2. The bride’s menstrual period

Taking wedding photos is very hard. Even if you are healthy, you will feel tired after a day of shooting, not to mention the bride who is in her menstrual period. Therefore, the bride should try not to choose outdoor shooting during her menstrual period, which will have an impact on her health.

The above are the things to note when taking wedding photos on location. Couples must be prepared when they go out for a photo shoot!

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