What is the difference between industrial LCD screens and ordinary LCD screens? Which one is better

What is the difference between industrial LCD screens and ordinary LCD screens? I believe many people have questions, and I will answer them with you today!

1. Stability

Industrial LCD screens are because we need to work and power on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and the environment in which industrial monitors can be used is much harsher than ordinary LCD screens that are managed and worked at home,boe screen manufacturer so they are required to be more stable. At the same time, the technical performance design requirements of all aspects of my country’s industrial LCD screens are higher than those of other ordinary LCD screens, such as electronic components withstand voltage, current, humidity, high and low temperature, etc.

2.Power consumption

There are also differences in functional loss between industrial LCD displays and ordinary LCD displays. LCD displays for home or personal use tend to pay more attention to reducing functional losses and advocate energy conservation and environmental protection.lcd supplier But industrial displays are not meant to reduce energy consumption, but to be more stable. In order to increase brightness and meet other special requirements, industrial LCD panels can use additional cooling system software and high-brightness LED backlight design solutions to further increase functional losses. Therefore, the cost of industrial LCD screens is higher compared to general LCD screens.


In terms of image clarity, the LCD screen has the function of directly reflecting the image quality. The resolution of the industrial LCD screen is automatically adjusted according to the display output;oled supplier its extremely high reliability and high-definition display capabilities will ensure that you can edit the recorded clear audio and video, And display the video completely in front of your eyes. Therefore, industrial displays have more advantages in image clarity than ordinary LCD screens.

4. Cost

Industrial LCD displays, in order to demonstrate and demonstrate effects, will also have a lot of additional hardware support, including special equipment such as AD machines. Splicing technology increases costs. In order to achieve larger display area and higher resolution, many industrial LCD displays will use splicing technology. The splicing application will have corresponding hardware support and software support, which will add a lot of cost.

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