“Quality over weight” in applying for a card? I’m afraid it’s wrong

In recent years, more and more people have joined the credit card army, and even some credit card gods hold multiple credit cards. So do we really need more credit cards and “sides” to meet the needs of daily life? what do you think?

The criterion for judging the number of credit cards in a cardholder’s hands should be determined based on 申請信用卡whether the cardholder needs these credit card entitlement functions.

1. Wrong perception

Some cardholders can apply for a credit card after applying for one, but find that the credit card consumption信用卡申請 limit for non-first-time card applications is far less than the first-time card application in my country, so they apply again and again. More credit card to increase the total credit card limit in your hand.

In fact, this idea is wrong. The credit limit of a credit card is affected by the applicant’s own comprehensive qualification factors, such as whether the applicant’s monthly fixed income, assets under his name, and total debt ratio are too high, etc. Once the applicant makes a mistake in some aspect, the credit card limit will also be greatly affected.

2. The more cards you have, the more frequently you apply for them.

If a cardholder frequently applies for credit cards, the bank will deliberately think that the applicant’s daily capital requirements are too high, and the examiner will suspect that there is something wrong with the applicant’s own assets. As long as the system detects that cardholders hold too many credit cards, it means that the debt ratio of the credit card applicant is too high. Once the capital chain is broken, personal financial problems will collapse.

3. Overdue problems will worsen

The more credit cards you have, the easier it is to make late payments. Each credit card has a different billing date and different repayment times. It is easy for cardholders to ignore the repayment time because they have too many credit cards, causing unnecessary trouble to themselves.

It is recommended that cardholders hold 2-3 credit cards. There is no need to blindly pursue the number of credit cards. As long as they maintain good habits of using credit cards, a large number of credit cards will appear. Keeping a card is less risky than applying for one.

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