Share 6 Criteria for Identifying Authenticity of Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps is a kind of cherished medicinal herbs, in many places people because they have no money, so they go up to the mountains to dig Cordyceps to sell money, what is it in the end, 冬蟲夏草膠囊邊隻好and what is the use of it, all of us don’t know too much about it, just roughly know that it can replenish and nourish the body, then, let’s get together to understand the basic attributes of the Cordyceps what are there.

Cordyceps belongs to the Cordyceps family of plants, in the winter time by the fungi of the genus Cordyceps serpentina of the order Carnivora parasitized in the grass in the plateau region of the bat’e larvae, and then secrete toxins to make the larvae body rigidity, has been present in the soil, to the summer time, the grass are growing densely, and then cordyceps was topped out,枸杞子 and we can see the head of the rigid insect formed by the rod-shaped tail, which is the rigid insect and the Cordyceps family of fungi Together they form Cordyceps, which is where the name comes from. Cordyceps mainly survives in a warm environment in winter and cool in summer, that is, the plateau area in China, especially in Tibet, Qinghai, and Yunnan, where the output of Cordyceps has the best nutritional value.

Cordyceps is formed by the combination of worm and grass. Then cordyceps fungus secretion of cordycepin is the main role of cordyceps ingredients,滴雞精 cordyceps effects are cordycepin secretion results. Cordycepin can be anti-tumor, anti-aging, enhance immunity, but also able to play a beauty effect, so its price in the market will be very high.

Modern pharmacological research shows that Cordyceps contains a variety of active ingredients, such as nucleosides, polysaccharides, sterols, amino acids and so on. It has a variety of pharmacological effects such as immunomodulation, anti-tumor, hypoglycemia, antioxidant, etc.. It is good for improving human immunity, preventing and controlling diseases, enhancing sports endurance, anti-fatigue and delaying aging, and strengthening physical fitness.

Cordyceps as a whole: the head is slightly like a withered twig, the eyes show brownish-red, the first three pairs of feet are degraded, the precursor body is darker in color, the body text ring is clear, the middle of the torso has four pairs of feet clearly, the overall table of Cordyceps is dark yellow to brown, and there is a pair of feet in the tail.

1. Look at the spermatozoa

True Cordyceps spp. spermatozoa color gradient, false Cordyceps spp. spermatozoa uniform thickness without gradient color

2. Look at the eyes

True Cordyceps eyes are brownish red or yellow, false Cordyceps eyes are dark red.

3. Look at the neck

The neck of the real Cordyceps is from light yellow to dark yellow, while the fake Cordyceps has no color mutation.

4. Look at the foot

The feet of real Cordyceps are clear, with three pairs of degraded mid-feet, four pairs of big feet and one pair of caudal feet, while the fake Cordyceps does not have obvious foot characteristics.

5. Look at the texture

The real Cordyceps is found to have clear and regular texture on its back, generally three thin and one thick, while the texture on the back of the fake Cordyceps is more confusing and unclear.

6. Soak to identify

Real Cordyceps will not fade after taking out the water on the paper, fake Cordyceps will fade after soaking in water, and it has a bitter taste when you eat it.

The above is a description of the efficacy and role of Cordyceps sinensis in tonifying the lungs and benefiting the kidneys. I believe you have a deeper understanding of Cordyceps. Cordyceps has a good health effect on chronic respiratory discomfort in the elderly with lung deficiency, kidney deficiency or both lung and kidney deficiency.