Is abortion risky? What is not suitable for abortion

Now do abortion in the minority, people can think of painless abortion on the body damage is very small, the actual life is really so? 子宮肌瘤不孕The impact of abortion on the body still exists very large, so in our normal time must ensure that the pregnant woman’s physical mental health, and may be the teacher to keep the fetus economic health.

1. Is abortion risky?

Some women take abortion as a routine remedial management measures, and even the phenomenon of three months to do two abortions has occurred, they do not need to know, from pregnancy to childbirth, 無痛人流醫院the development of various information systems in the body will lead to the occurrence of the existence of a lot of subtle changes, and the October conception of the fetus, first of all, our own organism on this issue has not been well prepared for the adequate preparation. It is only then that a pregnancy occurs. And the artificial termination of pregnancy, the endocrine level in the body will fall dramatically, which is a potentially hidden blow to the improvement of the human body. If teachers repeatedly use abortion, the double blow suffered by the organism will gradually make all parties face to face with the educational function began to slowly decline, premature aging.

Abortion is something that women don’t want to deal with, 終止懷孕多少錢but often they have to face the reality that almost every woman will have had at least one abortion of childbearing age. Since you have to do this, you should protect yourself better because after all, it’s a disservice to your body.

2. What to expect after an abortion

If there is vaginal bleeding for more than a week after abortion, accompanied by lower abdominal pain, fever, cloudy leukorrhea, foul smell and other symptoms, it may be infected, and you should go to the hospital for review and treatment.

Rest in bed for 2 ~ 3 days, get up and move around and gradually increase the activity time. Do not engage in heavy physical labor in the second half of the month and avoid contact with cold water. It takes about one month for the uterus to recover after abortion. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to increasing nutrition, consuming enough protein, strengthening the body’s ability to resist disease, and promoting the early repair of damaged organs.

After abortion, the mouth of the uterus has not yet closed and the endometrium has a process of repair. During this period, special attention should be paid to keep the vulva clean and hygienic, half a month after the operation can not take a bath, so as to avoid unclean water into the vagina, resulting in bacterial invasion and infection.

3. What are the types of abortion?

Negative pressure suction

Applicable to different pregnancy within 10 weeks to carry out the uterus. The main study of the use of negative pressure electric suction method, suction out the early treatment of pregnancy reaction product that is the embryo sac and meconium tissue, called artificial natural abortion negative pressure suction or simply negative pressure suction.

The pain relief technique is accomplished by vacuum aspiration

It is often referred to as painless abortion.

Forceps Surgery

If the pregnancy is 10-13 weeks old and the termination is requested or the pregnancy is not suitable due to special circumstances such as illness or other abortion methods have failed. In recent years, due to the clinical application of drugs such as mifepristone and prostaglandin, the scope of pincer scraping is generally advocated within 14 weeks, and pincer scraping is gradually replaced by medical induction.

4. Drug abortion

The advantage of drug abortion is that the method is simple, does not require intrauterine surgery, non-invasive. Since the 1990s, medication for abortion has become increasingly sophisticated. The methods of mifepristone and prostaglandin are more mature and commonly used, and the rate of complete abortion is more than 90%.

5. When is the best time to abort

The abortion is also a health development risk, choose the time of abortion we all have to have a very need to be careful, what is the problem when abortion is the best? Generally can not be too early, not too late.

If the abortion is performed too early, because the embryo has just developed and is still very small, it is very easy for aspiration or leakage to occur, leading to failure of the procedure, or incomplete abortion, in which case it will be necessary to clear the pregnancy again. For this reason, many women who are anxious to solve the “problem” as soon as they realize they are pregnant may want to wait a week or two for a doctor’s opinion before having a follow-up visit.

If the abortion is performed too late, it can be very damaging to the body because the gestational sac is already very large due to the number of days of pregnancy, and there is relatively more bleeding. If the month of pregnancy is larger, the fetal bones have already formed, the uterus becomes larger in size and the uterine wall becomes thinner, the operation will be more difficult, and the operation will take a long time, with more bleeding and prolonged postoperative recovery time, which will also bring more pain to women.

6. Unsuitable for abortion

Other inflammatory diseases are not cured, acute genital inflammation, such as vaginitis, severe cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease. Painless abortion can be performed after the inflammation is cured.

Patients with serious systemic diseases such as acute infectious diseases, various acute infectious diseases or acute attacks of chronic infectious diseases, serious systemic diseases such as heart failure, high blood pressure with obvious symptoms, high fever of tuberculosis, severe anemia, etc., are not suitable for painless abortion.

Preoperative patients with a body temperature of 37.5 ℃ or more, four hours before the operation, two times the body temperature of 37.5 ℃ or more can not be timely

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