Did you know? Post-abortion “menstruation” is a matter of fertility

Women’s pregnancy and childbirth are in a way like a “robbery”, they have to go through all kinds of tests and challenges, so they need to sit in the month after childbirth to recover, 深圳人工流產this time is usually one month, if you want your body to recover better, you can add 12 days of “puerperium”. If you want your body to recover better, you can also add 12 days of “puerperium” to complete the more scientific 42 days of menstruation.

While the postnatal period is usually not forgotten, the “mini-moon” after an abortion is easily overlooked by many.

Whether it is influenced by the study of foreign cultures do not sit on the moon, or social real-life role of some celebrities to guide, or through the film and television dramas in the incorrect demonstration, 不孕檢查a lot of our young female employees are on the abortion after the recuperation method is not taken seriously, that the abortion is finished on the end of the end, and also did not give birth to a child, sit on the moon for what? This is very wrong. You know what? Post-abortion “moonlighting” is about fertility.

Although abortion does not involve a full-term pregnancy or childbirth, 深圳人流the woman’s body changes as soon as she becomes pregnant. Because this type of abortion is the equivalent of a labor and delivery, it can be just as harmful to a woman’s body as a normal delivery.

Both spontaneous and induced abortions require the use of medications and tools to remove all of the pregnancy tissue that has been created in the uterus. This procedure can be a killer of a woman’s G. It can be extremely damaging to a woman’s delicate intrauterine organs and lining of the uterus, and the damage is sometimes irreversible.

Therefore, a month of labor and delivery after an abortion is very necessary to recover your body. If you don’t rest and take care of your body, there is a high risk of infections, organ damage and is a source of disease and even more serious consequences, such as loss of fertility.

The term “menstruation” refers to the time spent recuperating after a spontaneous or induced abortion.

The main reason why it is called a “mini” menstruation is that it does not need to be as long as a normal menstruation, and the duration of the rest is mainly based on the length of the pregnancy, from a few days to a week for short pregnancies, to 2-3 weeks for miscarriages of more than 3 months, or even longer for longer ones, and so on.

The most important first few days after a miscarriage is to stay in bed and avoid large-scale activities.

But just because it doesn’t take long doesn’t mean it’s not important, and it doesn’t mean that you can let your guard down after those days. Miscarriage is very traumatic, and a short period of time is far from enough to recover the damaged body, which needs to be properly conditioned over a considerable period of time.

In this sense, the baby moon is no different from the big moon, and even more important.

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